Alongside the repairs and servicing of devices, I can also supply, and sometimes stock a range of systems for customers to purchase. Often these are suited when a repair was deemed unviable, or when looking for a cost effective machine to purchase.

Below are the key categories I supply systems in.


Refurbished Laptops

I am able to supply a wide range of refurbished laptops to my customers. This can either be through machines I have in stock, or machines I get in from my suppliers specifically to meet a customer's needs.

When you get in touch regarding a machine in stock, or for me to find machines to specifically suit you, I will always do my upmost to suggest options that will suit you, your budget, and your needs best. I pride myself on being able to provide high quality machines to my customers that represent good value for money. Often refurbished machines will be able to complete the tasks a user needs, at a fraction of the price of a new one.

Many refurbished retailers don't carry out a thorough preparation on the machines they sell. Usually they are wiped, the outside cleaned, and they have a quick test. I do things differently. Machines over time suck in dust, clogging the cooling up, along with thermal compound degrading over time. All of the machines I sell will have had the same basic prep, as well as the cooling systems cleaned, and the thermal compound renewed. Unless requested otherwise, all laptops I sell will be fitted with an SSD drive rather than a HDD. These steps prevents all sorts of issues down the line, ultimately meaning the machine will keep working for longer, and will be much faster than the alternative options.

If you have a machine you are looking to replace, I can also look at options for repairing this unit, or even make an offer to purchase it from you, and take it in part-ex for the replacement.

I am unable to supply brand new laptops, however I can make recommendations on new machines that may suit your needs if you need to buy new.

Machines I have in stock:

All machines I have in stock for sale are listed on my Facebook page once they have undergone preparation. If you find a machine you like, get in touch to register your interest.

Machines bought in.

For machines brought in specifically for your needs, please get in touch, including all details around what you'd like to use the machine for, what you currently have and your budget. This allows me to make the best suggestions on what might suit you.


New, Custom Desktop PCs

Whether you looking for a Gaming PC, or a Home / Office PC, I can build and supply you with a high quality system, for a reasonable price. While contacting you regarding the machine, I will always do what I can to assist in the selection of components and the specification of the machine to suit your specific needs. This can be to play a specific game, run software you use, or to achieve the best value for money with your budget. No matter what you need it for, get in touch to see if I can help.

Despite not being VAT registered myself, if your business is able to claim back VAT on purchases, we can arrange for you to purchase the components and for me to charge a flat rate build fee to assemble and configure the machine for you.

Refurbished Desktop PCs

As well as using brand new components, I can build up Desktops from a mix of new, and reconditioned hardware. Often this can provide an excellent options for lower budgets, or to get an easily upgradable platform in your PC, allowing parts to be swapped later down the line as you see fit.

As well as this, I also refurbish prebuilt computers in a similar way to the laptops I sell. These are also listed on my Facebook page, alongside some custom machines I have put together on the side. If you would like to see machines I currently have listed, please:

If you are looking for a custom new, or refurbished PC tower, please get in touch.

When contacting me, please include; the tasks the machine will be carrying out, your budget, and what you're currently using. This allows me to recommend the best specification for your needs.

Phones and Tablets

From time to time, I have refurbished phones and tablets in stock. These can be both Apple devices, as well as units from other manufacturers. All devices in stock are listed on my Facebook page.

Despite not having a constant stock of devices, I am happy to either recommend a supplier to buy from, or source and sell devices on request. If you do contact me regarding this, please include what make and model you are after, and how much you have to spend.

Other Devices

Along with the device types listed above, in some cases I am able to supply other units. These can be printers, audio equipment, or other electronics. Sometimes I will list such items on my Facebook page, however, it's usually best if you contact me directly to enquire about these. I will then either be able to source and supply the item, or recommend somewhere to purchase it from. These recommendations can be for both new and used / reconditioned units.

Purchase of Devices, and Components

When sourcing stock, often units come from private sales.

If you have an item you are trying to sell, I would be happy to make an offer.

I am particularly interested in:

  • Laptops

  • Desktop PCs

In other cases I may be interested in:

  • Mobile Phones

  • Tablets

  • Computer / Laptop Components

Those lists are however, not exclusive, so no matter what you have, please get in touch to see if it is of interest to me.

I can never guarantee that an item will be of interest, so you may not receive and offer. Please also note, my offers are based on what I can sell devices for, as well as any preparation costs associated with them, so the price I give may be lower than the price you could get with a private sale.

When contacting me about your device, please include; the make and model of the device, the approximate age, the specifications, any repairs carried out, any upgrades made, and your reason for sale. If you have a price in your mind, feel free to include it, however do not be surprised if I cannot match it.