I am now setup and able to offer Networking services to my customers. This can be in both:

Home Networks

Often people find the network within their home isn't up to scratch. There can be several reasons for this. Usually there are issues with the range of their WiFi signal, issues with wired connections to devices, and issues with their network hardware performing slowly.

Office and Work Networks

Similar to home networks, it is common for networks within offices and for businesses not to be up to the task required of them, with signal problems, and hardware underperforming.

Network Upgrades

For network upgrades, I recommend you first take internet speed tests, in various locations within the building (if you are concerned about range), or take readings when plugged into the router via ethernet, as well as when connected by WiFi. This can make it easier for me to ascertain what upgrades may be beneficial before visiting, however, I will conduct my own testing when I start work on a job to confirm what is causing the problem.

I reccomend using for this. Please be sure to record the location, and if you were using a wired connection, as well as the 3 readings given (Ping, Upload Speed, Download Speed)

I am able to supply and fit:

  • Wireless routers

  • Wireless access points (linked by ethernet, or as signal boosters)

  • Power-line adapters (both to run a 'cable' connection, or to give out a WiFi signal)

  • Network switches

  • Hardwiring for ethernet networks for specific devices.

When getting in touch regarding any network upgrades you would like done, please include the following; your current setup / config, the problem you have with it currently, any works carried out in the past, and any speed test figures you have.

Network Repairs

Any network is also susceptible to storm damage, or damage from other sources. This can easily create long periods of down time, especially if you are unable to ascertain if the fault lies with the provider, or with your own network hardware.

Usually if a fault occurs your ISP (internet service provider) will ask you to carry out some tests before they send an engineer out. It is crucial that these are carried out correctly, as if the engineer visits and finds the fault to be on your end, you may be subject to paying their callout charge. Many people are unsure how to complete the tests required, either delaying them getting the problems resolved, or landing them with a bill for calling out an engineer when they didn't need to. For this reason, if you find a fault with your phone line or internet connection, I offer a testing service to come and complete the checks for you. I carry a basic telephone, along with replacement faceplates and routers, allowing me to plug in and test the line to check if there is a problem with the wider network, or the hardware within your home or office. I do this at a much lower rate than the open-reach callout, and can often have the fault resolved during the visit. If the fault cannot be resolved on the first visit, I will provide you with information and recommendations on next steps to take, as well as inform you about any components that may need to be ordered to complete the job. Often this is information to pass onto your ISP, but sometimes I will be able to order, or advise hardware to purchase that would allow the job to be completed.

I appreciate that network outages can cause no end of problems for people, so I endeavour to get out to you and correct it as soon as I can, however, I cannot guarantee a response time. Please include in your message that it is an urgent fault you need corrected, and I will do what I can to either get out to you, or advise if I am unable to attend allowing you to find other options for getting the fault resolved.

When getting in touch regarding any network upgrades you would like done, please include the following; your current setup / config, a comprehensive description of the fault and when it started, any works carried out in the past, and any speed test figures you have (if you're able to collect them).