Collection / Delviery

I understand that not all of my customers will be able to get out to me for dropping off or collecting items. For this reason I offer delivery and collection services, to allow people to use my services without needing to make their way out to me. Some costs may be incurred from this, however, this will be discussed with each customer when delivery and collection is arranged.

There are 2 main ways to go about a collection or delivery service with me:

Local Collection / Drop Off

Within my local area, I can arrange to come in person to collect and drop off your items. This can be as part of a callout job or independently as a collection or delivery of a specific item (for repairs, or the sale of a device to you).

Pricing depends heavily on if the route can be tied in with another trip. For this reason, each collection and delivery must be arranged with the customer, including any costs of the service. In some cases, it may be free of charge, if I am already nearby, and in other cases (when I can't tie more than 1 trip together), prices will be arranged based on distance, and time taken for dropping off or collecting the item.

Courier Collection and Delivery

If you are not in my local area, but still wish to buy an item from me, or send it to me for repairs, a courier service can be used.

For collection of items (sending them to me)

  • The customer arranges shipping to me

  • I arrange and pay for shipping, which is added to the invoice for any work done

  • For both of the above, I can send suitable packaging and containers to the customer initially

For return of items (sending to customers), I will arrange the delivery services, and the costs will be added to the invoice.

When getting in touch regarding delivery and collection, please include; your location (to judge if local or courier collection / delivery would be best), what the item is you want collected / delivered, and how you'd like the collection / delivery to be arranged and paid for.

If after your first contact I don't have all the information I need, I'll get back to you confirming any specifics before getting the job booked in.